Coronavirus protocol at Inman Park Dentistry - (updated 9/15/2020)

 Dr. Rodriguez discusses our re-opening with WAGA's Medical Team



We have resumed all types of dental treatment, but it is far from business as usual, as you will notice significant changes around the office, and we want you to be prepared for what dental visits will be like in this new era.


Our lobby is small, so we ask you to be considerate of others and arrive wearing a mask while you are waiting for your appointment. If you do not have a mask, we can provide you with a basic surgical mask for your protection. You may also check in with our front desk staff and then wait for your appointment outside if it makes you more comfortable.


Glass partitions were permanently installed around our front desk area. There are no longer any magazines in our lobby because they are unable to be disinfected. And as always, hand-sanitizer dispensers are located throughout our office, and pens and clipboards for the necessary paperwork will be disinfected after each use.


Once you are in the dental chair, we will be checking your temperature in addition to the usual blood pressure and pulse checks. We will also require a 30s mouth rinse with a mild peroxide mouthwash as per ADA coronavirus recommendations.


We have invested heavily in more PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and you will notice we are wearing more protective gear than you are used to. That protective gear comes at a premium these days, and there will be a $10 fee added to your bill to offset our costs. Dental insurance companies may not cover such fees, and thus we will ask you to pay that fee at your appointment. If it is reimbursed later by your insurance, we will credit your account.


Our staff are undergoing WEEKLY Covid-19 Antobody testing. This regular surveilance provides us a little more peace of mind in these difficult times.  


If you missed a cleaning: Anyone who has missed a cleaning appointment during the Covid-19 shutdown will need to get in touch with our front desk staff to reschedule your appointment. You may have to be scheduled weeks or months out, but we will try and accommodate you as much as possible. We appreciate your understanding and patience with this process, as these are not normal times.


If you need other work (fillings, crowns, etc.): We are available now, and are booking appointments for such treatment over the next several weeks with both Dr. Butler and Dr. Rodriguez.


If you are uncomfortable coming in at this time: If you are concerned about coming in because you are a higher risk individual, or you feel more social-distancing is necessary, then we will be happy to reschedule your appointment. Like usual, we require at least two days of notice to avoid a cancellation charge.


Of course this timeline is subject to change depending upon the progress of the virus in our area. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these extraordinary times.