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main windmillWhirling Wheels (2012) is a spinning collection of windmills made from bicycle parts, designed to celebrate the freedom of movement the bicycle provides to everyone along the Atlanta BeltLine. Permanently installed in Midtown Atlanta along the BeltLine corridor near Greenwood Avenue, Whirling Wheels consists of five individual kinetic sculptures (the largest of which is pictured here). Click here to see it on YouTube!





VeloCity Bicycle Rack (2017) The City of Atlanta and the Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs commissioned dozens of these bicycle racks around Atlanta, each painted a different style by a different artist. This one is painted by Dr. Alex Rodriguez, in the "op art" style to evoke motion out of the static piece so that it looks fast just standing still. It was inspired by Allan Peters' poster "Speed", and was hand-painted by Dr. Rodriguez. Need a place to lock your bike up in downtown Atlanta? This rack is at the corner of Peachtree & Alabama Streets, just south of Five Points.

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Kaleidoscycle II (2019) Installed in Dr. Rodriguez' own home, this piece is made up of fifteen different bicycle wheels, all covered in hand-cut stained glass. Driven by a hidden motor, this piece spins very slowly, all day long, creating a mesmerizing visual piece.

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Swirling Colors (2016) is a reboot of the 2014 Spinning Yarns art installation, but this time directly involving the local community in the creation of public art. On August 27th, 2016, nearly 40 BeltLine trail users of all ages left their mark on these giant pinwheels by spray-painting part of each pinwheel, resulting in unique artwork produced by the community that it serves. The sculptures were not only designed to entertain and amuse, but to make artwork with a personal connection to the BeltLine user. Some people spray-painted their initials, one couple played spray-paint tic-tac-toe, while others painted randomly.

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Spinning Yarns (2014) was a series of four giant and colorful pinwheels, installed along the East Side Trail in a collaborative effort between Dr. Alex Rodriguez and "The Knitterati" (an eclectic group of knitters and crocheters). Working together, they created a series of whimsical sculptures to showcase their textiles in a unique and interesting way through Dr. Rodriguez' kinetic art. Spinning Yarns was de-installed in August of 2015 after a full year out in the weather to make room for artwork by other BeltLine artists.

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Kaleidoscycle (2015) "Kaleidoscycle" is a kinetic sculpture made of bicycle parts and hand made glass, installed in the lobby of Inman Park Dentistry. An original design by Alex Rodriguez, done in collaboration with Creative Stained Glass Studio (Evergreen, CO), this piece is designed to calm and entertain with its slow, steady movement and changing patterns of light, colors, and shadows. For more details about this sculpture, from concept to final installation, go here.

.Click here to see it in motion on YouTube!



BIKE ATL (2014)

Powered by the wind, this pair of bicycle-wheel windmills light up under their own power and are meant to be a symbol of the rapidly improving bicycle infrastructure in Atlanta. Two of these pieces are currently installed along the Atlanta BeltLine with views of midtown in the background. If you've never been on the BeltLine at night, it's time to take a ride along the Eastside trail! Click here to see it on YouTube!




Team CREST (2014)

In the late 1980's, CREST toothpaste sponsored a bicycle racing team, and now one of those CREST-branded bikes decorates the wall of Dr. Rodriguez' dental office. The unique mounting of the frame and wheels (without the spokes to connect them), helps to create the illusion of the bike floating free of the wall.


Click here to learn more about this rare piece of CREST history.



All Star Electric

All Star Electric (2013)

A custom piece designed for an electrical services company in Oklahoma City, where the wind sweeping down the plains will surely keep this bicycle-wheel-windmill spinning non-stop for years! Click here to see it on YouTube!






All Star Electric

Dental Weather Vane (2015)

A custom folk art weather vane for a dentist friend of mine. I made it as a thank you to him for selling me his business and giving me a great dental practice to build upon. Thank you Walter! Click here to see it on YouTube!






All Star Electric

Boomer Sooner! (2015)

A custom folk art weather vane for my father-in-law. He's a big Oklahoma Sooner fan, and I'm sure this windmill will spin for years at his home in the dry air of Phoenix. The musical sound track to the video is a song called "Soft Winds of Oklahoma" by Bill Emerson. Enjoy! Click here to see it on YouTube!





Baby Mobile (2014)

This bicycle-wheel mobile hangs from the ceiling above his baby's crib in Dr. Rodriguez' home. A small motor spins it slowly, while a lullaby plays in the background, calming the child watching the serene motion. Click here to see it on YouTube!






Bicycle CrossingBicycle Crossing (2006)

One of his earliest kinetic pieces, this bicycle-wheel-windmill was built around the back end of an old Schwinn bicycle. When the wind blows, the chain drives the cranks around, spinning the pedals. This piece hangs from a massive pecan tree at a private home in Atlanta, spinning casually in even the slightest breeze.

Click here to see it on You Tube!




ReynoldstownReynoldstown (2011)

Dr. Rodriguez is proud to have been a resident of the quirky Atlanta neighborhood of Reynoldstown for ten years, and this double-sided sign celegrates his time there. But this sign started life as the tail piece to one of his more typical bicycle-wheel windmills. That design had trouble catching enough wind to keep the sign illuminated for more than just a few minutes, so now it is powered through low-voltage landscape lighting, and automatically comes on when the sun goes down.




Copper Gator HeadGator Copperhead (2010)

A tribute to his alma-mater, Dr. Rodriguez made this bicycle-wheel-windmill as a gift for his mother, and it has been hanging from a tree in her backyard for years. Made from an aluminum rimmed bicycle wheel, copper foil, stainless steel wire, and acrylic.

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Copper Gator HeadAerospace (2014)

This privately commissioned piece was inspired by design elements that the customer brought to me: an abstract metal sun and moon sculpture on wood. But that original sculpture did not quite have the visual impact he was going for. So using those parts as inspiration, I created an original design for a kinetic sculpture that uses a bicycle-wheel as a windmill that would sit on top of a wooden post, similar to a weather vane, while still using the original sun and moon components. Because it was wind-driven, yet still had celestial theme, I titled it Aerospace. Heavily modified through the years by its owner, it now spins casually in the breeze in a California backyard.

Click here to see it on YouTube!




Copper Gator Head

Castine (2008) - Made as a wedding gift for one of Dr. Rodriguez college roommates, this bicycle-wheel-windmill has been entertaining their family for years as it spins non-stop through the worst of Maine's weather.










Copper Gator HeadBlue Bird (2008)

A gift for a friend whose family history owes a lot to the Blue Bird Bus Company, this bicycle-wheel-windmill has a clear tail-piece of acrylic, with only a simple outline in copper of that iconic Blue Bird logo. Hopefully it is still spinning along the shore of one of the Great Lakes.






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