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Founded in 2006, Inman Park Dentistry (formerly New Image Dentistry) is proud to be a part of the historic, beautiful, and vibrant Inman Park neighborhood. Our small office is owned and operated by Dr. Alex Rodriguez, who has built a loyal following of patients who appreciate his comfortable, caring, and straightforward approach. His philosophy stresses minimally-invasive dentistry, utilizing modern procedures to implement practical solutions for functional, long-lasting, and beautiful dental work.


We are NOT currently accepting new patients.

Our services are in very high demand, and this temporary hold on accepting new patients will enable us to focus on our friends and neighbors who are already a part of our practice. We do not anticipate opening our schedule to new patients until March 2017.

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-Alex Rodriguez D.M.D.





The dentist says you need a crown. Here's what you need to know

By Beth Galvin, WAGA FOX Medical Team reporter.

Beth Galvin from Fox 5 WAGA in Atlanta gets the lowdown from Dr. Rodriguez of Inman Park Dentistry about crowns. What are they? Why might you need one? Short answer: the newer generation of crowns are quite simply amazing. Originally aired August 23, 2016.


Do we really need to floss? Dentists say yes, science says no

By Beth Galvin, WAGA FOX Medical Team reporter.

You may have heard recently that "the government" says you don't have to floss. What?! Is that true? Beth Galvin from Fox 5 WAGA in Atlanta discusses the issue along with Inman Park Dentistry's Dr. Alex Rodriguez. Filmed on location in our office with special help from Wesley Clark and Paul Elledge. Originally aired August 9, 2016.


DIY dentistry: New fix-it-yourself trend could be dangerous!

By Beth Galvin, WAGA FOX Medical Team reporter.

This local news report features our own Dr. Rodriguez discussing how to safely fix a broken tooth at home, and the crazy methods people try on their own. Super glue and vise grips?! Really? Originally aired March 8th, 2016.



Gum disease linked to heart disease? Experts say, "yes".

By Beth Galvin, WAGA FOX Medical Team reporter.

Filmed on location in our office, this local news report features Dr. Rodriguez discussing the connection between your gum health and your body. Periodontal disease is as damaging to your health as having a huge open wound the size of your palm! Originally aired February 16th, 2015.



Cavity fillings, silver or white?

By Beth Galvin, WAGA FOX Medical Team reporter.

Get straight answers from Dr. Rodriguez about white vs. silver fillings in this FOX Medical Team report, filmed on location in our office. Learn the differences between the two types, which is best for you, and why Dr. Rodriguez only does white fillings in our office. Originally aired October 22nd, 2013.