Intown Atlanta's neighborhood dental office

Founded in 2006, Inman Park Dentistry (formerly New Image Dentistry) is proud to be a part of the historic, beautiful, and vibrant Inman Park neighborhood. Our small office is owned and operated by Dr. Alex Rodriguez, who has built a loyal following of patients who appreciate his comfortable, caring, and straightforward approach. His philosophy stresses minimally-invasive dentistry, utilizing modern procedures to implement practical solutions for functional, long-lasting, and beautiful dental work.


"I strive to provide exceptional personal service in a supportive and comfortable environment so that maintaining your oral health becomes easy! Thank you all for your trust over the years."Dr. A-Rod






fox5 imageWhat's staining your smile?

By Beth Galvin, FOX Medical Team reporter.

Coffee drinker or not, this video is for you! Filmed on location in our office, it features Dr. Rodriguez and Monica sharing their secrets for maintaining a beautiful, white, healthy smile.

Originally aired on July 1st, 2014





fox5 imageCavity fillings, silver or white?

By Beth Galvin, FOX Medical Team reporter.

Get straight answers from Dr. Rodriguez about white vs. silver fillings in this FOX Medical Team report, filmed on location in our office. Learn the differences between the two types, which is best for you, and why Dr. Rodriguez only does white fillings in our office.

Originally aired on October 22nd, 2013




fox5 imageProfessional teeth whitening might not be for you.

By Beth Galvin, FOX Medical Team reporter.

  • Learn about your tooth-whitening options from our own Dr. Rodriguez in this FOX Medical Team report filmed on location in our office. Watch a professional tooth whitening procedure while Dr. Rodriguez discusses the pros, cons, and alternatives to professional whitening.
  • Originally aired August 8, 2013